Friday, December 28, 2012

Some words I learned recently...

Just listed some words that I learned recently after watching Itazura no Kiss and Rurouni Kenshin Tsuiokuhen. The words are in no particular order -- I just wrote them as they came to mind.

いっとくけど - FYI
しっと - jealousy (can be used as a suru verb)
めぐる - go around
けだもの -- beast
じゅんせい - pure (archaic?)
わがまま(な)- selfish
じんせい - life (from conception to death)
とっておき - most cherished thing
ほっと(する)- relieved
あやまる - apologize
あやめる - murder
すっかり - completely
じゅうぶん - enough
げんじつ - truth
ぐうぜん - coincidence
まんざら -- (not) altogether, (not) completely [used with negative verb]
色っぽい -- sexy, erotic
だいたん -- bold, courageous
どくしん -- single
もんかせい -- student (for kendo?)
世(よ) - world
くさる-- rot
おふくろ-- term for one's mother (but おかあさん seems to be more common)
いそうろう(する)-- live rent-free, freeload
かたおもい -- one-sided love
みとどける -- ascertain
ようじん-- close friend
けってん-- faults/weakness
ーだらけ-- full of
めにあう -- suffer something unpleasant
かってに-- by oneself
勘(かん)- intuition
ことわる - refuse  (note that this kanji is different from that of "kotowari")
理(ことわり)- principle/reason
すなわち - that is (archaic?)
剣(けん)- sword
剣客(けんかく)- swordsman
役に立つ(やくにたつ)-- be of service
かぞえる- count
二人目(ふたりめ)- second person
初恋(はつこい)- first love
うばう -- take away
じだい-- era
天誅(てんちゅう)-- Heaven's punishment
せおう -- carry
生かす(いかす)-- let me live
つらい-- painful
償う(つぐなう)-- atone
しんじつ -- truth (archaic?)
ぼうず-- word for young boys, samurai-speak
かつじけん -- sword that invigorates
かたじけない(さむらいの話し)-- "Thank you", samurai-speak
もくてき -- objective
かくご -- resolve (noun)
おそれる -- to be afraid
ぜったい(に)-- absolute
えらそう(な)-- self-important
まける-- lose
おせわになりました --Japanese expression
におい - smell
かなよめ - bride
ぎゅうなべ -- beef hot pot (sukiyaki)
てんさい -- genius
凶器(きょうき)-- lethal weapon
さつじん -- murder
ざま(を)みろ・ざまあみろ -- serves you right

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